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Flowers for Housewarming Gifts

There are two occasions when housewarming gifts are appropriate – when a friend or loved one moves into a new home, and when someone new moves into your neighborhood. Whatever the situation, housewarming gifts serve to make a new home feel more homey and welcoming. With that goal in mind, we can’t think of a better way to congratulate the new resident than with a gift of fresh flowers or plants, which instantly make any home feel friendlier and more comfortable.

Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts has been decorating Baton Rouge homes for decades, and have a wide selection of flowers guaranteed to elevate the beauty of any decor. 

Did You Know? The term “housewarming” is quite literal. In the days before central heating, friends and neighbors would often bring gifts of firewood to those moving into a newly constructed home. There were generally multiple fireplaces to keep the home warm in the winter, so the more firewood they had stockpiled, the better! Therefore, a housewarming party was actually to keep the house warm!

These days, housewarming gifts are meant to welcome and congratulate the new resident. If your friend or loved one has a new home, you may already know their color preferences and style, in which case you can pick the perfect gift for their decor.

However, if you are bringing a gift to welcome a new neighbor, we recommend orchids. These classic beauties are simply elegant, and they easily add grace to any type of home or decor. They are also long lasting and relatively easy to care for, allowing your new friends to remember your kindness for many months to come.

Seasonal flowers are perfect to add to the decor; for instance, choosing flowers in autumn colors will serve to decorate for the coming months.

Green plants are always an excellent gift for any home as well. Not only do they add beauty and warmth, but they help to keep the air free of dust and pollutants. For those decorating a new place, green plants add warmth and vibrancy to virtually any room in the house.

Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is well-known throughout Baton Rouge for flowers and plants for any special occasion. Shop online, or stop by to see us – we would love to help you to turn a house into a home.