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What Flowers We Recommend for National Teacher’s Day

Don’t look now, but National Teacher’s Day will soon be upon us. Each year, the Tuesday of the first full week of May (which happens to be National Teacher’s Appreciation Week), is set aside to let teachers all over the country know their work day in and day out has not gone by un-noticed or unappreciated.  So circle May 6 on your calendar and start thinking about what you can give your special educator.

Since a good teacher strives each day to plant seeds of wonder in her students’ fertile imaginations and cultivate their talents as they blossom, what better way to thank her than with a bouquet or a plant she can grow in her garden specifically chosen to symbolize the special qualities she brings to class each day. For that, we must open our history books.

Back in the Victorian Times, when flower selection was limited to what grew in one’s garden, people took to assigning meanings to certain varieties. Thanks to the Society of American Florists, these meanings have been handed down through history, and some may very well fit your teacher.

Let’s look at the qualities you admire in her.

Now let’s turn to her teaching style.

Since the end of the school year is near, throw in some pink carnations to say thank you and  forget-me-nots to say just that.

Now that you have your assignment bring it to Billy Heroman’s, and we’ll do our best to complete the project.