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Posted by Todd McBride on May 9, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Uncategorized

What to Give on Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 isn’t just another Sunday on the 2014 calendar – it’s Mother’s Day. You know, the annual day when you pamper all the moms in your life with all sorts of goodies to let them know how appreciated they are?

But Mother’s Day can be challenging for many people. What do you buy her? How much of it do you get? What’s a good gift and what’s a poor gift? We realize that many of you – cough, cough, all you fellas out there – might have some struggles when it comes to buying the right gift for the mom and grandmothers in your life, so we’ve compiled a quick-hit gift-giving guide. Yes, there’s the likes of jewelry, spa days and candy, but when it comes to Mother’s Day gift giving, the one constant is flowers – here’s a look at flower gift giving tips and suggestions:

  • Home delivery: It’s always nice to present mom with flowers on Mother’s Day, but for extra bonus points, consider having them delivered to mom’s house so that she’s caught somewhat off-guard. Include a nice card to really show mom how you really feel about her.
  • Know the “language of flowers”: Believe it or not, the flowers you give speak their own language, which is why it’s important to gift accordingly. For instance, carnations, the most traditional Mother’s Day flower, all convey different things based on their color. Pink carnations represent love, red signifies admiration and white carnations are given or worn in memory of a mother who is no longer around. While carnations are the most popular Mother’s Day flower, here’s some others and what they signify:
    • Roses: White roses demonstrate the likes of purity and reverence, yellow signify devotion and mature roses signify gratitude.
    • Sunflowers portray admiration and respect.
    • Daisies portray joy and cheer.
    • Tulips send a message of love.
    • A violet is a good way to send your mother a reminder of her devotion.
  • Take it from the pros: Call your local florist well in advance of Mother’s Day so you can ensure that you spend some time with them to get the arrangement that matches your requirements and your budget. And trust the expert florists – if they make a recommendation based off the information you’ve given them, it’s best to go with it, especially for the florally challenged.

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