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Posted by Todd McBride on December 29, 2014 Uncategorized

Happy New Year: Flowers

Happy New Year FlowersThe year is coming to an end, which means that people everywhere are planning for New Year celebrations and festivities. Whether someone is hosting a party at their house or apartment or they just want to get their home ready for the holiday for their own personal enjoyment, using fresh flowers is a fantastic way to get the residence looking ready for the holiday. Flowers help to add light and beauty to the area and can tie together all other decorations. Here here are wonderful ideas for decorating with flowers for the upcoming New Year.

Small arrangements around the home

Adding just a few small arrangements around the house can be a great way to encourage people to feel happy and festive as they gather throughout the residence. Use colors typically associated with the New Year, such as whites and pale blues. These colors are often used to symbolize the new beginnings that come with the New Year as well as call to mind the snow and winter weather that many experience outside during December and January. Look for arrangements that use classic flowers such as blue and white hydrangea, cream roses, and some thistle.


Poinsettias, although being strongly associated with Christmas, can also be fantastic for New Year. Their brilliant reds and the gorgeous colors they present make just about any room look festive and ready for the celebrations. Use some large poinsettia plants on the floor in an entrance way, around a fireplace, or anywhere else that seems appropriate for the holiday.

White flowers for either tabletop decorations or for the countersHappy New Year Flower Delivery

Most New Year celebrations will incorporate at least some type of food. No matter what type of party it might be, dress up the table with some white arrangements of flowers. These flowers can be interspersed with the dishes and plates or they can be placed on countertops or end tables where people are likely to socialize. White roses can be a particularly good choice for these types of arrangements, as as the white rose is often used to symbolize new beginnings and a fresh start, which is what the New Year commonly means. These stunning flowers will add an elegance that makes them appropriate to use just about anywhere.

Preparing for the New Year means getting the house looking just right. Whether a person is hosting a party or just wants to get their home looking festive for themselves, placing some of these flowers around the house can get everyone ready to celebrate. Use the above flower ideas to get started on the search for the festive flowers and start decorating today to be ready for the New Year with the help of Billy Heromans.