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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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How to Impress with Homecoming Flowers

Few things will help you win the heart of your homecoming date than a gorgeous corsage from Billy Heroman’s. We can help you use the language of flowers to tell her exactly how you feel. From bright and bold to chic and stylish, we have a variety of fresh homecoming flowers that will make your special evening that much more memorable!

Show Your Devotion with Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria – otherwise known as the Lily of the Incas or the Peruvian Lily – is an exotic selection that is sure to delight your date. Interestingly, the leaves of this plant tend to grow upside-down, but they twist as they grow away from the stem. Because of this trait, these flowers represent your devotion to your growing relationship and the twists and turns it will take throughout the years. Available in a variety of colors, alstroemeria is sure to impress with its tropical beauty.

Uphold Timeless Traditions with Roses

The everlasting symbol of love and beauty, roses are a wonderful choice for your homecoming corsage. With so many colors available, it’s easy to find the perfect rose that matches your date’s gown while sending a symbolic message.

  • Red roses say “I Love You.”
  • Pink roses stand for elegance and admiration.
  • White roses represent new beginnings and pure love.
  • Yellow roses represent joy, hope and friendship.
  • Peach roses show your appreciation and gratitude
  • Orange roses signify passion and enthusiasm.

Between rose choices and ribbon selections, you can create a custom corsage that shows your school spirit, your true feelings or any other message you’d like to send.

Other Beautiful Selections

Your choices aren’t limited to alstroemeria and roses. Gerbera daisies are available in a veritable rainbow of colors, and a single daisy makes a bright, cheerful corsage. You can also try beautifully simple calla lilies. A single calla in a corsage or boutonniere will add grace and exotic beauty to your homecoming attire.

Inspired Designs by Our Talented Florists

If you’re looking for something truly stunning, try one of our unique corsage designs. With “The Traci,” roses and orchids are fixed to an eye-catching stone wristlet to create a glamorous corsage. The “Mixed Spring” corsage is another excellent choice. With bright carnations, roses and daisies, your date will be the life of the party!

Whatever your homecoming needs, you can be sure that Billy Heroman’s has the perfect flower. We can craft custom corsages and boutonnieres that will steal the show at your homecoming dance. Stop in at one of our three locations or visit our website to learn how you can make this year’s homecoming events memorable with fresh flowers!