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Posted by Todd McBride on June 6, 2016 Uncategorized

In June it’s All About the Roses

rosesEvery month, there are many reasons to send flowers, but this month it seems that we have more reasons than ever! In June, it is all about the roses.

rosesFor starters, roses are the official birth flower of June. In ancient Rome, flowers were often used as birthday gifts – and therefore whichever flower was in season dictated the gift. In June, they are in full bloom and make the most obvious choice to represent this month! Once you decide to give the flowers, however, your choices are still abundant – whether yellow for your best friend, orange for an exciting new relationship, pink to express appreciation or purple to express infatuation, your color palette, and design choices are endless.

rosesJune is also the traditional month for many to hold their wedding, and roses are often the favorite flower for these events. White are the most popular selection by brides across the country, as they embody purity and innocence; and although some may think red to be the rose of love, white is considered to be the most appropriate hue for this exciting day. Many people may be surprised to learn that in ancient Greece and Rome, white (not red) were symbolic of devoted passion and heated romance. However, as red roses began to be tied to some of the most loving sacrifices in history, they began to take over the honor. Fittingly, June 12 is Red Rose Day – a day that recognizes traditional red roses as a classic and beloved flower.


For June we have created a special bouquet in honor of the rose. With our Jewels of June Birthday Bouquet you can celebrate June birthdays with green roses, hydrangea, hypericum, thistle and dianthus in a bubble bowl filled with the Jewels of June.roses

When giving roses as gifts, consider adding in some additional vivid summer flowers for a celebratory display that will be the life of the party. There are many ways and many reasons to give roses this June, but the best place in Baton Rouge to get them is Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.