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Posted by Todd McBride on January 19, 2017 | Last Updated: January 25, 2017 Uncategorized

National Wedding Month

National Wedding MonthNational Wedding Month is celebrated in February, as romance is in the air and nuptials are on people’s minds. While June, August, and September represent months when the most wedding ceremonies are performed in the United States, February holds its own as an iconic month in the wedding industry, for many reasons. Are you planning a Baton Rouge wedding? Regardless of the month in which your wedding is to take place, take a few minute now to relax and enjoy the process.  Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is your one-stop source for flowers for every stage of romance.

That’s A Lot of Wedding Cake! Each year in the U.S., 2.4 million weddings are celebrated. That represents an average of 6,200 weddings per day.
national wedding monthAs Valentine’s Day occurs in February, it is already the reigning month of romance. But here are just a few more facts that support its claim on the title of National Wedding Month:

  • February 14th is one of the most popular days on the calendar to get married.
  • More couples begin their serious wedding planning in February than any other month. This is credited to the fact that so many proposals take place over Christmas and New Years. Once schedules return to normal, the bride starts planning in earnest.
  • Another exceptionally popular wedding date falls in February – sometimes. Couples looking to tie the knot with a unique twist flock to February 29th, which only occurs every 4 years, during Leap Year.
  • With so many weddings on Valentine’s Day, there are millions of wedding anniversaries occurring in February annually.

    national wedding monthKeep the Events Separate: If your wedding anniversary is on or about Valentine’s Day, experts tell us that it is important to find a way to distinguish the two celebrations. Just as children born on Christmas are often slighted by losing their birthday to the holiday party, your spouse may feel the anniversary overshadowed by the holiday. Solutions include celebrating your anniversary on the closest weekend or celebrating Valentine’s Day with roses in the morning, and your anniversary with orchids in the evening.For those planning a Baton Rouge wedding, National Wedding Month is a great time to consider your progress and schedule. Don’t forget – call Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts at least 6 months in advance!