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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on December 26, 2018 Uncategorized

New Year, New You

The new year is arriving soon and bringing with it the possibility of newness. A fresh start and opportunity to improve aspects of our lives can be a welcome change. The floral experts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers recommend starting by surrounding yourself with flowers. 

  • Flowers add color to your world, and color leads to creativity. Add some color and find inspiration when you fill your home or office with blooms in your favorite colors.
  • Plants and flowers purify the air, and when your air is clean, you are healthy. Studies show that people surrounded by flowers and plants have fewer colds, headaches and congestion than those without plants near them.
  • Green has the power to reduce stress, and in 2019, don’t we all want a bit less stress? If looking at the color green is known to keep stress and anxiety at bay (and it is), then flowers with leafy greens should relax you quickly.

Bring the beauty of lilies into your New Year with our Lilies-A-Leaping design. Complimented by winter greens and gold accents, this display will add health and happiness to any room in your home. What a gorgeous way to start the new year with a new you!

Let the fresh start of a new year be your inspiration to surround yourself with flowers that lift your spirits and revive your mind. The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers will be happy to show you the perfect design for the start to your new year.