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Posted by Todd McBride on April 6, 2017 Uncategorized

From the Greenhouse – Plant Care Tips

plant careWhen it comes to choosing the best green and flowering plants for your home and office – or as the perfect gift – you won’t find more expertise than at Billy Heroman’s Flowers. Our company has not only been providing gorgeous florals and plants to Baton Rouge for over 60 years, but we also have our own local greenhouses!  In other words, we know indoor plants – and we are happy to share our knowledge freely with our customers! Although it is not possible to outline how to care for all of the beautiful plants we offer, we would like to highlight three of our favorites, currently available from our greenhouse.

Awesome Gifts: Green and flowering plants make excellent gifts for Administrative Professionals Week, beginning April 23rd. 
plant care

Chinese evergreens, pictured above, are versatile plants that are appropriate for interior offices. They are best in low to medium light, and to keep them thriving, be sure to let the soil surface dry in between waterings.

Strawberry cream nephthytis (below) is a higher light office plant, which will be right at home in interior offices or on patios. They will do well in bright yet diffused light – such as through a sheer window curtain. You’ll want to water thoroughly & let dry between waterings. In order to keep the desired shape, these plants will require pruning.
plant careDid You Know? Billy Heroman’s Plantscaping team designs, installs, and maintains indoor and outdoor plants for many of the largest and most unique office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, and businesses throughout Louisiana.

If you prefer a flowering plant, we recommend the beautiful begonia, shown below. These potted blooms are naturals for patios, as they tolerate morning sun and bright light. Decorate your space for all of your summer parties, as the begonia blooms all summer long.  Let the soil dry in-between waterings, and fertilize with Miracle Grow every 2-4 weeks.

plant careThere are so many ways to utilize plants to transform your environment, and the best place in Baton Rouge to get quality plants and expert advice is Billy Heroman’s Flowers! Whether for your home or business, our professionals are here to help.