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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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RUSH! To Buy Flowers for Your Sorority Crush

“Rush” week is one of the most stressful and hectic times in the life a sorority girl or aspiring pledge. Why not reward your favorite sorority girl for going through the process with a fresh bouquet of flowers?

Whether your sorority crush knows you how you feel about her yet or not, flowers are the perfect way to show you care. If you’ve never surprised a crush with flowers before, here are some points to help you get started:

The Rose: Flower of Love and Passion

Sending roses is one of the most direct and impactful ways to show someone how you truly feel. Sending a big bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed red roses is about as clear as you can get that you have love on your mind. But what about some of the other rose colors? If you’re not quite ready to make the bold red rose statement, consider some of the other colors to send your sorority crush:

Pink Roses. Pink roses convey admiration without being too over-the-top. If sending red roses feels like too big a move at this time, dial it back a few notches by sending pink.

Lavender Roses. Lavender conveys creativity, uniqueness and enchantment. Sending lavender roses is a regal gesture that’s sure to make your girl feel special without putting too much romantic pressure on her.

Yellow Roses. Yellow roses convey joy, cheer and celebration. If your girl breezed through rush week or just aced an exam, yellow roses are the perfect way to help her celebrate.

White Roses. White is probably the most subdued of all rose colors in impact and intention. They show reverence and elegance, and just might be the perfect choice if your crush has just gone through a trying time.

Mixed Roses. Not sure how you feel? Sending a mixed color rose arrangement will let her know there’s an attraction there without giving away too much. Keep her guessing while also letting her know you’re thinking of her.

Artful Arrangements

If you just aren’t feeling roses at this stage of the game, there are plenty of other directions to go. A mixed arrangement can convey romance and beauty with a combination of different blooms. A Happiness Bouquet exudes style and cheer with lilies and hydrangeas. A simple but elegant Calla Lily Bouquet is sure to make her swoon.

No need to overthink it; use your intuition, follow your heart, and you’re sure to send flowers that make her heart flutter!