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Posted by Todd McBride on March 18, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Uncategorized

Say it with Flowers: 4 Messages to Send

During the Victorian era, when much communication took place through gestures and subtleties, each color and species of flower conveyed a particular message. You could tell someone “thank you,” “I love you,” or “you have beautiful eyes” with a simple bouquet. Today, you can do the same, but since the meanings of flowers have become less commonly known, you might want to include a hand-written translation of the sentiment you send with your floral gift.

1. To say “I love you” – Nothing conveys a message of passion like the color red. For a springtime surprise, give your special someone red tulips or red roses to let them know how deeply they have taken root in your heart. Not as obvious of a love note, the white and yellow petals of jonquils traditionally convey a message of love and desire. The light purple or white blooms of lilacs have a special place reserved for a first love. If you have found someone to love for the first time, tell her with a fragrant bouquet of lilacs.

2. Tell her “You’re beautiful” – What better way to compliment someone’s looks than with the beauty of a bouquet of flowers. A gift of irises compares the receiver’s beauty to that of a Greek goddess, variegated tulips compliment the beauty of the receiver’s eyes, yellow tulips say you find sunshine in the receiver’s smile, and white hyacinths convey true loveliness.

3. Say “You make me happy” – Almost all flowers appear cheerful, but a select few officially convey happiness. Bright yellow carnations are a sure sign of high spirits. Crocuses come in lavender, deep purple, saturated yellow, and pure white. Any color arrangement of this popular spring bloom will let the receiver know how happy she makes you.

4. Say “Thank you” – A bouquet of flowers provides the perfect gift of thanks. A subtle gesture goes a long way when given proper thought. Pink carnations traditionally convey a message of sincere gratitude. Hydrangeas carry a more specific message of thanks, saying “thank you for understanding.”

No matter the flower or arrangement you choose for a spring gift, your message will be clearly received. Whether you choose a specific spring flower for its traditional meaning, because it is her favorite, or because its blooms match the colors from your wedding day, the gift will be loved.