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Posted by Todd McBride on November 3, 2014 Uncategorized

Sympathy Flower Types for Veterans Day

thumbnailEveryone knows a family who has lost a veteran, whether he or she was an active duty service member or someone who retired honorably after years of service. On this Veterans Day, send those families a message that not only honors their departed veterans, but also shows your sympathy for their loss. Billy Heroman’s Flowers will help you find the best kinds of flowers to send a compassionate, caring message.


White Lilies

White Asiatic lilies are the most popular sympathy flowers. These fragrant blooms have long been associated with the Virgin Mary, and as such, they represent purity and honor. Lilies can also symbolize love, gratitude and appreciation. You can send these feelings to those who have lost a veteran with our Casablanca lilies. These sentimental flowers are sure to bring a ray of sunshine to someone who has suffered a loss.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are the symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. Over time, that symbolism has given these flowers the meanings of faith, purity, youth and rebirth. In many places, calla lilies also represent the purification of departed souls, which makes them the perfect gift for a family that has lost a veteran. If these are the feelings you’d like to send, try our simple yet elegant “Calla Lily Beauty” arrangement, featuring ten callas in a simple vase. For something a little more formal, “Solemn Offering” blends callas, mums, carnations and more in a beautiful urn.

Red Roses

Most people think of red roses as romantic flowers. However, because these blooms represent love and admiration, you can use them as a symbol of your feelings toward a departed veteran. Send one dozen red roses to family or friends on Veterans Day as a way to remember those who have passed.

Red, White and Blue Flowersthumbnail-1

The “Patriotic Salute” arrangement is the ultimate way to show sympathy to someone who has lost a veteran. This arrangement was designed in the colors of the American flag. Red flowers include gladioli and carnations, while mums and baby’s breath represent the whites. For the blue, we’ve included stunning true blue delphiniums, and we tie the whole arrangement together with a blue ribbon. This arrangement will tell your friends or loved ones that you know the person they mourn was a true patriot.

Of course, these aren’t the only sympathy flowers available from Billy Heroman’s Flowers. Browse our website or stop in at one of our three locations to see more fresh flowers and gifts. Billy Heroman’s Flowers has everything you need to send your sentiments to grieving families or honor a veteran you know this November!