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Posted by Todd McBride on July 2, 2013 Uncategorized

The Wedding Bouquet Toss


In medieval Europe, nearly everything a bride touched was considered to be good luck — from what she was wearing to what she was holding. Therefore, wedding guests would chase after the bride, ripping at her dress and flowers, hoping to get a piece of her luck. Many times, the bride would have to throw something to the guests as a means of distraction to get away. And so forms the tradition of the Bouquet Toss…

Today, however, it is a much more anticipated event for the guests AND for the bride. She will usually have her own bridal bouquet and a separate toss or throw bouquet. She will toss it into a crowd of unmarried women who gather to try and catch the bouquet because whoever catches it, of course, is said to be next in line for marriage.

Today there are also many alternative versions or twists to the tradition. Such as giving the extra bouquet to someone specific or giving it to the couple at your wedding who has been together the longest.

No matter what tradition you pick for your special day, it is important to make sure it reflects YOU!