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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on May 19, 2014 | Last Updated: June 30, 2014 Uncategorized

Three Lily Traditions You Should Know

With the many varieties of lilies to choose from, how do you pick the most meaningful gift for your loved ones? As one of the most popular flowers of all time, lilies have come to symbolize many different things. Take a moment to learn about some of the traditions surrounding lilies so that you can choose a beautifully symbolic gift.

Calla Lilies: The Flower of Change, Rebirth and New Beginnings

Callas are one of the most iconic flowers in the world. Their name comes from the Greek word for “beauty,” and they have commonly been associated with the Virgin Mary, holiness, faith and purity. Calla lilies are also the most common wedding flowers because they symbolize devotion and marital happiness. On your sixth wedding anniversary, calla lilies are the traditional gift for your spouse. Because callas have been associated with purity, or purification, they are commonly used at funerals as well. With the many uses for calla lilies, they are the traditional gift to give during major life events.

Yellow Lilies: The Flower of Budding Love

Yellow lilies have a history that spans millennia. As the centuries have passed, their meaning has changed. Originally, they were the symbol of falsehood. As the story goes, the Virgin Mary picked a yellow lily. As soon as she touched it, it turned white because yellow was not the flower’s true color. During Victorian times, the cheerful appearance of the yellow lily came to symbolize gaiety. It was often said that when you looked at the huge, bright blooms, that you would feel as if you were “walking on air.” Since those days, the traditions behind the yellow lily have evolved a step further. Today, these flowers represent flirtation and puppy love. If you are in a new relationship, a bouquet of yellow lilies is the perfect gift to turn that puppy love into lasting affection.

Stargazer Lilies: The Flower of Dreams

Unlike most other lily varieties, Stargazer lilies don’t have many centuries of history. Despite this, they are still one of the most meaningful flowers. First bred by Leslie Woodruff in 1978, the stargazer was named for the bold pink and white blooms that point towards the sky. The name “stargazer” implies unlimited potential, optimism and prosperity. Because of Woodruff’s success in creating these lilies, stargazer lilies are traditionally used to represent passion, determination and the fulfillment of dreams. Stargazer lilies are the best gift to celebrate graduations, promotions and other successes.