Unveil A Showstopper Centerpiece This Fourth of July

By Todd McBride on June 24, 2018 in 4th of July, Flowers, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

Chances are, you’ll be doing some socializing this 4th of July, and probably in your own home. We here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts think that in that case, you should have some firework-level flowers on hand. Preferably in the center of your holiday table, where everyone can get a good look at them. Contrary to what you might think, your 4th flowers don’t need to be of the red, white and blue variety; you’ve got plenty of opportunities to decorate with patriotic flair elsewhere in your home and outdoors. Instead, focus on putting something out that offers a lot of impact and feels just right for summer.

What do we have in mind? Orchids. Our Cash & Carry potted orchids are available in 1 or 2 stem form. As the name suggests, you can pop right into the store and walk out with them easily. So while you’re picking up provisions for that 4th barbecue or potluck, you can take home a gorgeous orchid piece that will give your table all of the charm and interest it needs. We find orchids particularly inspiring—and the fact that they look a bit like fireworks unfolding one on top of another during a finale display? Definitely not lost on us.



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