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Posted by Todd McBride on February 8, 2016 Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day for Everyone

valentine's dayRed roses may be the most traditional flowers of Valentine’s Day, but did you know that the color of rose – or any other flower that you choose – conveys unique meaning as well? Because Valentine’s Day is an ideal opportunity to tell all your loved ones how important they are to you, choosing an appropriate flower and color is a great way to communicate a deeper significance.


Pink is a color which is symbolic of a pure affection; and the darker the shade of pink, the more the feeling of gratitude. An arrangement of oriental lilies, snapdragons, carnations and red roses is a sweet gift for your daughter; and don’t forget the teddy bear or balloon! Pink is also perfect for your mom or grandmother., especially when more sophisticated flowers are used to show her how beautiful you think she is.

Cupid's Choice

Cupid’s Choice

Yellow is the happiest of hues, and is the traditional color of friendship. This bright color signifies loyalty, camaraderie and hope, as do sunflowers and daisies; making this bouquet an ideal expression to send to your very best friends.

valentine's day

Billy’s Spring Bunch

Surprising someone who least expects it is part of the fun of Valentine’s Day.. White is the color of prosperity and wealth, and although not necessarily traditional for Valentine’s Day; this white orchid would be a stunning addition to any office. So if you have a coworker who has become an important part of your life; or a boss who always goes the extra mile to promote your career – how about showing them some elegant and sophisticated appreciation?

valentine's day

Blooming Orchids

This Valentine’s Day, remember everyone makes your life better – sisters, daughters, best friends or your favorite coworker – and show them some love! The expert florists at Billy Heroman’s are getting ready for the big day, so don’t delay! Whether you choose one of our pre-designed arrangements, or if you want to create your own Valentines Day bouquet, we guarantee that the special folks in your life will love it, and love you even more.