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Violets are the Birthday Flower of February

Violets are the Birthday Flower of February

The small but vibrant violet is full of symbolism and meaning in many cultures. With its heart shaped petals and deep mythology, it makes the perfect birth flower for February. Presently it is also the state flower for four states: Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Illinois, and New Jersey.

A Flower with a Rich History

Violets are flowers that have a rich history, even though it the growth and cultivation of the flower is not detailed in historical writings. Throughout history you will find violets in paintings and literature of many of the world’s most famous artists and writers. The flowers have been linked to resurrection of the earth and the gods of the earth. They have also had the symbolic meaning of love and truth, or even the love of truth.

Historic literature and art have tied a deep emotional meaning to violets. In Hamlet, for instance, Ophelia uses violets to show her devotion to her deceased father, and English painter John Millet included the violet in his painting The Death of Ophelia.


Violet Visions

Violet Shades Are Ideal for February Birthdays

When you give flowers for a birthday, you can make the gift more meaningful by attaching some symbolism to the gift. Choosing the official flower, or an arrangement designed in the hues of that flower, is one way in which to do this. Add in the meaning of dedication and love, and you have the ideal gift for someone you care deeply for this February.

Violets can’t be cut or harvested to use in floral arrangements. They are mostly used for growing in flowerbeds and pots. If you are looking for a floral arrangement that reflects the symbolism and meaning behind violets, consider Violet Visions, our February birthday bouquet. Purple roses and other violet colored blossoms are accented by violet jewels in this arrangement perfect for February birthdays! .

Give a gift with rich meaning and beauty this February. With the help of Billy Heroman’s you can give a birthday gift that is sure to please.