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Posted by Todd McBride on August 2, 2019 | Last Updated: August 6, 2019 Uncategorized

4 Cool Activities To Do On Grandparents Day

Pretty soon it will be time for Grandparents Day, celebrated on the second weekend in September. This is a wonderful time for families to bring generations together as children honor their grandparents and grandparents revel in the joys of knowing her grandchildren. The professionals at Billy Heroman’s Flowers are happy to deliver beautiful bouquets, gorgeous dish gardens and other special treats to your grandparents anywhere in the greater Baton Rouge area. And, if you have the opportunity to get together with Grands on Grandparents Day, we have some cool activities  they and the grandchildren can do to spend time together, making memories to last a lifetime.

Send Special Blooms

Make sure grandparents know how much the family thinks of them when kids send something special From The Heart. This fanciful basket of extravagant spring flowers is the perfect way to honor and show love to such special individuals.


Our Single Orchid Plant is stunning in its simplicity. This Phalaenopsis Orchid arrives with up to nine large blooms open to show their bright centers. Long-lasting and elegant, this design will add beauty to your grandparents’ home this Grandparents Day.


Or, indulge their appetites with our Fruit & Chocolate Basket. Packed with mouth-watering fresh fruit and tasty Ghirardelli chocolates, this delivery is sure to please!




Find a craft project to do together like building a garden or pressing flowers into a stained glass design. Something that both grandparents and grandchildren can keep when the craft day is over will serve as a lovely reminder of the fun you had together.

Field trip

Spend time together doing something that grandparents and grandchildren will love. If Grandad loves to fish, go on a fishing expedition together. If Grandma love flowers,  a trip to a local botanical garden will bring out beautiful stories for kids to enjoy about her favorite flowers.

Coupon Book  

Coupon books are always a fun way for children to create and display their talents to grandparents. Let them create a book full of chores they’ll be glad to do for grandparents or activities for excursions they can do together. 

Spending time with grandparents on Grandparents Day will create an awesome bonding experience across that spans generations. Let the floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers also deliver beautiful blooms to grandparents anywhere in the Baton Rouge area. We will make sure that your gorgeous design arrives fresh, on time, with a smile.