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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

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A Fresh Spring Table, Featuring Flowers

There’s no better way to celebrate spring and refresh your home or office than by appreciating a bouquet of fresh seasonal blooms. Their sunny colors will brighten up the indoors, and their sweet fragrances will freshen the air. At Billy Heroman’s, our flower shop is fully stocked with flowers for spring and our florists can’t wait to share our newest seasonal designs with all of Baton Rouge!

Some Fun Facts about Spring Flowers

This year, spring starts on March 19th in the United States, the day of the vernal equinox. Of course, flowers don’t know it’s the vernal equinox; they just know that the days are getting longer and warmer, which prompts them to start growing. Other cultures mark the start of spring, not with the equinox, but with the lunar calendar. In Japan, spring officially begins when their national flower, the cherry blossom, starts to bloom.

Exquisite Beauty with cymbidium orchirds, lilies, hydrangea, roses, snapdragons and more!

Exquisite Beauty

When Do Spring Flowers Bloom?

The earliest spring flowers actually start blooming before spring. Crocuses and Lenten roses fight their way through snow and ice to bloom as early as late January or early February. Other early spring flowers bloom toward the end of March, such as hyacinths, irises, daffodils, pansies, and tulips. Late spring bloomers need extra sunshine to flower. These include lilacs, peonies, bluebells, and roses, which typically don’t bloom until the middle of June.

Seven of the Most Popular Flowers for Spring

Thousands of flowers bloom in springtime, which makes it tough to choose just a few favorites because they’re all so beautiful. We narrowed the list down to some of the most popular for celebrating spring and including in spring bouquets.


Pink Tulips


1. Tulips

With their endless variations, bright colors, and bulbous flowers, tulips are a cheerful favorite of the season. Tulips generally symbolize love, but their specific colors have different meanings. For example, yellow tulips represent happy thoughts, purple symbolizes royalty, and red tulips stand for true love. In any color or a mix of hues, these early bloomers are a perfect addition to floral designs for Easter, Mother’s Day, or a springtime birthday.




Yellow Daffodils


2. Daffodils

These trumpet-shaped flowers come in sunny shades of yellow, orange, and white. They bloom early in the season and are basically synonymous with springtime, as they represent rebirth, renewal, and fresh beginnings.





Pink Azaleas


3. Azaleas

Azaleas are the flowers of femininity, and their delicate blooms grow abundantly on their shrubs of dark-green foliage. With delicately ruffled petals in warm hues like pink, red, and white, azaleas are a popular potted plant, garden grower, and cut flower to use in bouquets.







4. Lilacs

Lilac bushes can grow up to 15 feet tall, and if you’ve ever been down-wind from one in bloom, you know how wonderful they smell. A single bunch of lilac blooms with their delicate flowers will freshen up an entire room. In white, blue, purple, and pink, lilacs respectively symbolize innocence, tranquility, spirituality, and love.





Pink Camellia

Pink Camellia

5. Camellias

Camellias are another type of flowering shrub. They have ruffled petals in a delicate starburst array that’s truly stunning to behold. In white, pink, and red, camellias symbolize admiration, longing, and deep desire.





Purple Iris

Purple Iris

6. Irises

These showy flowers bloom atop tall, green stalks. The purple, yellow, blue, and white varieties of irises respectively symbolize wisdom and royalty, hope and faith, passion, and purity. The iris gets its name from the Greek word for rainbow. They also bloom with pink and dark-red flowers, plus a variety that’s nearly black.





Purple & Yellow Pansies

Purple & Yellow Pansies

7. Pansies

Pansies also bloom early in the season. These delicate blooms have flat flowers that look like little, cheerful faces. They come in a variety of colors and color combinations. They symbolize both admiration and free thought.




Welcome Spring into Your Home with a Seasonal Bouquet or Potted Plant

Make the most of the new season by celebrating with a bouquet of spring flowers or a seasonal blooming plant. Whether you’re celebrating Easter, a spring birthday, or another occasion, make it a cheerful event with a bouquet of tulips, daffodils, freesia, or other seasonal flowers from Billy Heroman’s.