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Posted by Todd McBride on July 20, 2023 Uncategorized

Bouquets Beyond Holidays: 60 Reasons to Send Flowers “Just Because”

Sending or receiving a fresh bouquet of flowers often correlates with significant events or Hallmark holidays. While we love celebrating these occasions, at Billy Heroman’s, the best florist in Baton Rouge, we encourage you to think about the ordinary, everyday moments that can be commemorated with flowers “just because.” Each day bears countless opportunities to share happiness, convey love, extend appreciation, or offer support. What better way to communicate or express these emotions than with the nuanced language of flowers? Be it the romantic undertone of roses, the sunny delight of sunflowers, or the heartfelt honesty of hydrangeas, every flower articulates a unique sentiment, and when paired with a lovely card message, any ordinary day can instantly become extraordinary. Here are 60 occasions that remind us that sharing a floral bouquet doesn’t require a holiday but simply the desire to make someone happy “just because.”

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. Your birthday is in a few days
  2. They were traveling for work on your birthday
  3. You’re recovering from an accident
  4. The kids have been pushing your buttons all week
  5. It’s the anniversary of the first time you said “I love you” to each other
  6. Wedding planning is starting to make you crazy
  7. After diligent troubleshooting, you found a way to resolve the WiFi connectivity issue in your home
  8. You checked off “run a full marathon” from your bucket list
  9. You no longer reach for the wine as soon as you come home from work
  10. They told you one Disney trip per year is plenty
  11. You’re coordinating a big Sunday family dinner at home
  12. They’re looking to say “I’m sorry” after the intense argument
  13. The home renovation you worked so hard on is finally complete
  14. Your doctor’s appointment brought you relief and peace of mind
  15. Your fur baby can’t order flowers for you

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They brought you into this world
  2. They mentored you with love and care throughout your life
  3. They graciously added a few more dollars to your bank account
  4. They babysat the kiddos while you were traveling for work
  5. They adopted an adorable puppy
  6. You accidentally forgot to make special Mother’s Day plans
  7. Although you spent the day together, you forgot to wish your dad a “Happy Father’s Day”
  8. Since moving out of the house, you’ve been missing them
  9. They’re feeling good after their last doctor’s appointment
  10. They posted for the first time on Threads
  11. They’re the ones who introduced you to Threads
  12. They put a substantial amount of time and energy into planning an unforgettable family vacation
  13. They just got back from Greece, a trip they have been dreaming of since you could remember
  14. You want to ensure they have a great day
  15. You want to remind them how much you appreciate and love them

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. They correctly predicted the season finale of The Bachelor
  2. They officially adopted their foster son
  3. You finished Firefly Lane and realize they’re the Kate to your Tully
  4. After living abroad for a few years, they’re moving back to your city
  5. They sold their condo in your city and purchased a home in the country
  6. You’ll sadly be out of town during their birthday weekend
  7. They’re over the moon about their recent engagement
  8. They finally changed their last name
  9. They’re beginning a fresh new phase of life
  10. It’s been a hard and emotional few months for them
  11. After a tiff, you realize they were giving helpful guidance and not trying to criticize you
  12. Their new gym routine is making them radiate confidence and happiness
  13. They’re opening a new business, and you’ve been cordially invited to the grand opening
  14. They’re slowly recovering after an intense medical procedure
  15. No matter what, they are always by your side

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You’re weathering a stormy day
  2. Your day has been full of sunshine
  3. It’s time to celebrate your birthday
  4. Your hydration journey is going extremely well
  5. You blew away your bosses during your work presentation
  6. You enjoyed your introductory yoga class
  7. You just came home from backpacking in Europe
  8. You made time to read a full novel
  9. You kept an open mind and engaged in a political conversation with grace
  10. The whole family is coming over for dinner
  11. You’re full of gratitude after volunteering at a local animal shelter
  12. Your kids say, “You’re the best!”
  13. Miley Cyrus told you you can
  14. You want to revel in the summer season and everything it has to offer
  15. Your local florist had your favorite flowers on display

Whether a collection of symbolic flowers or favorite blooms, every day calls for an uplifting arrangement “just because.” Here at Billy Heroman’s, we make it our mission to transform every day into an unexpected celebration.