All Abloom For Mother’s Day

Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts is honoring the mothers this May 13th, and we mean all of them. Americans will spend over $2 billion on flowers for their mamas this year, which means a) there’s a lot of mothers to give flowers to and b) there’s a staggering variety of them. Any good florist will have a range of designs on hand to appeal to such an important array of recipients. As you select the perfect piece for yours, think about her preferences and taste. Should you pick a classic presentation of roses? A more modern cube vase packed with tulips? An exotic orchid? A fragrant bouquet?

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Billy Heroman’s Mother’s Day Stories

Mother's Day storiesThere are 85 million moms in the United States, but there are none as unique as yours. Although we all love our moms, each mother has influenced us in her own special way. That is what we celebrate this May 14 – the Mother’s Day stories that are unique to each family.

For all your special Moms and the stories they inspire, Billy Heroman’s Flowers has the floral designs and gifts that will make their day amazing. Here is a story shared by our team member Janet, who shares why motherhood has been so important to her. Mother's Day stories

“When I became a mom 31 years ago, I thought my greatest dream had been realized. My daughter was hope, joy, blessings, love, and laughter all wrapped up in one precious bundle. She taught me how much my mother loved & cared for me – in fact, the lessons my mother taught me in my youth now had meaning. I didn’t think love could be bigger than what I felt for my daughter – until this year when she gave birth to the two most perfect twin boys. As a retired teacher, working part-time at Billy Heroman’s Flowers, my schedule allows me to be home with Noah and Finn several days per week. The boys gave me a T-shirt that says, ‘A grandmommy is a mom with lots of frosting.’ I say, ‘Grandchildren are children with lots of frosting!’  I love being a mom and a grandmommy!” Janet Evans

Mother's Day stories

Did You Know? Since ancient times, the matriarch of the family has been honored with floral displays and gifts – to this day, flowers are the top gift on Mother’s Day.

No matter your Mom’s style, you’ll find the perfect gift at Billy Heroman’s Flowers. So whether you choose a flowering plant or a luxurious bouquet of orchids, roses, lilies, and hydrangea, you can be assured that we will design it with love. After all, we love our moms – or love being a mom – as much as you do.

Mother’s Day Gifts & Flowers

mother's day gifts

There is no one like her. She’s your best friend, your cheerleader, your confidante. She deserves recognition all year long, but on Mother’s Day, you want to be sure that she feels all the love you have for her. Billy Heroman’s Flowers has been helping you to honor all the special people in your life for over 60 years, and we have the most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts in Baton Rouge. We invite you to browse our entire collection of Mother’s Day gifts – but wanted to highlight a few of our favorites.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016

mother's dayMay the 8th is a day when children everywhere – young and old – get the chance to show their moms the appreciation that she so deserves! Over 100 years ago, Anna Jarvis championed efforts to bring recognition as to the importance of mothers; she was acting, primarily, to honor her own mother’s dream of such a day. Although there are many precursors to the holiday, it wasn’t until 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson made it official. Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the 2nd Sunday of May; and the holiday has been mirrored around the world, observed on the same day in Australia, England, India, Canada, and Mexico.

mother's dayOf course, there are many ways we can tell mom we love her – Americans will spend billions on cards, restaurants, jewelry and spa days, not to mention flowers. From the simplicity of a few pink roses to the extravagance of a cut flower bouquet, flowers carry with them inherent meaning that tells the story of your mom’s personality. Orchids represent grace and beauty; mums signify loyalty and pink roses express deep gratitude. What flowers would you like to include in your arrangement?

mother's dayHere’s a tip we love – if you research the meaning of flowers and find some that perfectly represent how you feel about your mom, give us a call. We’ll work with you to design a unique floral bouquet created just for your mother. When you deliver the flowers, include a handwritten card that explains why you selected each flower for her. The note will last long after the holiday is over, and is sure to become something she cherishes.

mother's dayWhoever has filled the role of mother in your life – whether your mom, grandmom, an aunt or a special friend – make sure this day doesn’t pass by without giving them the gratitude they deserve – send gorgeous cut flowers from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.

TV Mom Showdown

TV Mom Showdown

Some of the greatest TV moms were laid back, others were a bit overbearing, a few taught us lessons with their animated (literally) personalities, and so many of them tried just a little too hard to be cool. Whatever their onscreen personalities were, these TV moms helped raise us while filling our homes with laughter and tears. They gave us a peek into the lives of families we fell in love with and grew with each week. But whoever they were, none could compare to our real life moms.

This Mother’s Day choose from a mix of classic and modern moms to help us decide who the ultimate TV mom is! You just might win the chance to celebrate your real mom with a $100 gift card from Spa FInder!


Enter your email address, first & last name, then cast your vote! If the TV mom that you choose wins, you’ll be entered to win a $100 Spa Finder gift card — so you can give a great gift this Mother’s Day! Enter once per day to make sure that your pick is the winner, and share your story on Facebook. You can get 10 bonus entries if a friend enters! 

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A Winner will be chosen at random on May 8th and notified by email. Happy Mother’s Day!

Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayMother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of every May. This year, for 2015, Mother’s Day is on May 10. If you’re looking to make your Mother’s Day gift stand out from past years, consider these unique Mother’s Day gift ideas; they’ll help you to break with tradition and surprise Mom on her special day:

Luxury Flowers

When ordinary just won’t do, a bouquet from Billy Heroman’s Luxury Collection is sure to make a big impression. From premium roses to the most elegant orchid gifts, the bouquets in this collection are carefully chosen and artfully arranged. All of these luxury flower arrangements feature an explosion of fresh blossoms and color along with refined vases and presentation. For an extra special touch this Mother’s Day, send Baton Rouge’s very best and order from the Luxury Collection. When Mom receives these flowers, she’ll be beaming for a week.

Mother's Day

Attraction Bouquet

Tropical Flowers

Exotic orchids, stunning birds of paradise and Asiatic lilies are just a few of the beautiful flowers in the Tropical Flowers category. While cut flowers have a beautiful, fresh energy, a potted orchid can last weeks, months or even years. There are a variety of orchid types and colors to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your Mom’s style and preferences. Tropical flowers bring a special, exotic energy all their own, and if your Mom has an affinity for lush, warm climates, the gift of tropical flowers can give her a bit of island air any time of the year.

Mother's Day

A Specialty Gift Basket

Gift baskets are another special way to change things up for Mother’s Day. There are gift baskets that contain fresh fruit, chocolates, gourmet items, and bath and body products. There’s even a health food basket, as well as a junk food basket; when it comes to Specialty Gift Baskets, there’s truly something for every taste and appetite. Mom will be able to enjoy its contents for weeks to come, and she’ll think of you every time she does.

Mother's Day

Mom’s Bath & Body Basket

This Mother’s Day, why not surprise Mom with a departure from the expected? Luxury bouquets, orchids, tropical blooms and specialty gift baskets are just some creative ways you can surprise Mom on Mother’s Day — or any time of the year. Contact Billy Heroman’s for more flower and gift ideas, and to place your Mother’s Day gift or flower order.


What to Give on Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014 isn’t just another Sunday on the 2014 calendar – it’s Mother’s Day. You know, the annual day when you pamper all the moms in your life with all sorts of goodies to let them know how appreciated they are?

But Mother’s Day can be challenging for many people. What do you buy her? How much of it do you get? What’s a good gift and what’s a poor gift? We realize that many of you – cough, cough, all you fellas out there – might have some struggles when it comes to buying the right gift for the mom and grandmothers in your life, so we’ve compiled a quick-hit gift-giving guide. Yes, there’s the likes of jewelry, spa days and candy, but when it comes to Mother’s Day gift giving, the one constant is flowers – here’s a look at flower gift giving tips and suggestions:

  • Home delivery: It’s always nice to present mom with flowers on Mother’s Day, but for extra bonus points, consider having them delivered to mom’s house so that she’s caught somewhat off-guard. Include a nice card to really show mom how you really feel about her.
  • Know the “language of flowers”: Believe it or not, the flowers you give speak their own language, which is why it’s important to gift accordingly. For instance, carnations, the most traditional Mother’s Day flower, all convey different things based on their color. Pink carnations represent love, red signifies admiration and white carnations are given or worn in memory of a mother who is no longer around. While carnations are the most popular Mother’s Day flower, here’s some others and what they signify:
    • Roses: White roses demonstrate the likes of purity and reverence, yellow signify devotion and mature roses signify gratitude.
    • Sunflowers portray admiration and respect.
    • Daisies portray joy and cheer.
    • Tulips send a message of love.
    • A violet is a good way to send your mother a reminder of her devotion.
  • Take it from the pros: Call your local florist well in advance of Mother’s Day so you can ensure that you spend some time with them to get the arrangement that matches your requirements and your budget. And trust the expert florists – if they make a recommendation based off the information you’ve given them, it’s best to go with it, especially for the florally challenged.

For more information on Mother’s Day flower gift giving, contact Billy Heroman’s today.

Word to Your Mother; The Caring Contest!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re so anxious to show our appreciation!

We love our mothers, and every mother loves hearing what you love most about them – so we’re introducing the “Word to Your Mother” caring contest!

The contest is extremely simple:

1. Sign up for the contest using your email or Facebook log-in here!

2. Select a word that best describes your mom (one word a day, you can play every day)

3. We choose a new winner every day until Mother’s Day (everyone who signs up gets a winner notification the next day)

4. Winners get emailed a coupon for $5 off their Mother’s Day flowers!

It’s simple to play, it’s fun to share, and it shows your mother you care!

We can’t wait to hear what your “Word to Your Mother” will be!

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