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Posted by Todd McBride on October 21, 2019 | Last Updated: December 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Choose Gorgeous Fall Decor For Your Front Porch

The onset of fall is the perfect time to update your front porch’s look, displaying your enthusiasm for the change of season and celebrating the cooler weather. Fall is full of natural decor, so the options for porch decor are endless. This is also a wonderful way to encourage neighbors to get in the spirit of the season and prepare for the coming holidays.

The floral designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers are happy to share some of our favorite ideas, tips, and porch flowers with you so you can create a photo-worthy fall front porch you and your family will be proud of. This fall, be inspired to make small changes that lead to big excitement when you prepare your front porch- and your entire home- for fall.

Create a Pleasing Fall Display for Everyone

Fall Curb Appeal

Decorating for holidays is an important way to keep everyone around in tune with the changing of the seasons. It’s also a quick way to update your home’s look without an expensive overhaul or remodel. With a few quick, easy accessories and your home is ready for the new season- with big benefits all around! Here are just a few:

  • Create Curb Appeal- The look of your home immediately becomes more attractive with seasonal decor displayed prominently. Changing the front porch decor with each season gives it a fresh new look, even if temporary. Add a few fall flowers like daisies and sunflowers, or live plants to the scene and you have a magazine-cover display ready to go!
  • Capture the Essence of Fall- Each season brings with it a special sense of time, place, and climate. For the harvest season, we celebrate the cooling temperatures and nature’s changing colors. A great way to celebrate everything fall has to offer is with a gorgeous Fall Croton Plant that displays the best colors of the season. Place one near your front door or line the front steps with several different sizes in fall-inspired containers.
  • Prepare for Holidays- When the fall season settles in, you know the holidays are right around the corner. Whether you’re more excited about candy corn or candy canes, you know it’s almost time! The anticipation of another beautiful holiday season can bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  • Inspire neighbors- Once your neighbors see how quickly and easily you created your gorgeous fall scape on your front porch, they’ll be eager to create their own decor!

Choose Fun Fall Containers for Porch Plants and Flowers

Blooming Plants

Not only will the flowers and gourds you place on your porch make it look ready for fall, but the display containers you choose will also afford a particular level of fall essence as well. Here are a few of our favorite ways to repurpose containers around the house or yard for fall.

  • Bales of hay: Choose to place pumpkins, gourds, or stalks of corn on a few bales of hay for a reminder of the harvest season.
  • Rustic wooden crates or flower boxes: The natural look of raw wood announces fall like none other. Place pots of colorful lisianthus on upended boxes to create various levels for an eye-catching design.
  • Little Red Wagon: Our Garden Mum Plants have never stood out like they will when displayed in a classic little red wagon, evoking memories of fall trips to the farm.
  • Oversized container for blooming plants: Place pots of Russian sage in oversized urns near your front door or front steps for a show-stopping touch of fall.

Get Inspired to Try Creative Designs

The accents you choose and the decor you display will be a great inspiration to yourself and others. From classic fall accents to unique designs, your front porch will glow with your personality when you’re finished decorating for fall. Here are a few fun ideas to achieve your perfect look:

  • Hanging plants or ferns: Why stop with porch decor that sits on the ground? Hang ferns or other lovely fall plants from hooks along the elves of your porch to accent the shape and style of your home.
  • Rocking chair with scarecrow: A casual rocking chair with a friendly scarecrow lounging in the seat will make a fun, inviting look as the weather turns cooler. You may even want to join him with a cup of hot cocoa!
  • Corn stalks: Dried stalks of corn add an elevated accent that towers about tabletop or ground-level designs. Lean stalks against the wall of the house or tie to porch support posts with festive ribbon or burlap.
  • The ribbon on pumpkins: Avoid the mess from carving pumpkins when you decorate your collection with plaid or argyle ribbon. This is a great way to coordinate a color scheme among fabrics and flowers across your porch, as well.

With no shortage of fall decor ideas, the only question is how much will you love your new fall front porch. At Billy Heroman’s Flowers, we believe you’ll be so inspired and thrilled that you’ll find yourself excited to share your ideas with friends and family. When you do, send them some of our beautiful fall plants and flowers to get them started on their own fall porch scapes! Talk to us about more great ways you can add fall essence to your front porch this season.