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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on October 20, 2017 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Uncategorized

Filling Fall with Mums

There are flowers you want to admire from a distance, or even lean in to for a minute to smell their lovely fragrance. And then there are flowers that you want to gather up in your arms and crowd your doorstep with. Mums are in that category.

We’re loving mums at Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts, and not just because they’re the season’s standout bloom. We’re filling Fall with mums because they’re never out of season, even if we have to wait most of the year to see them. Though these days they come in a variety of colors – even wine and harvest hues – we’re still partial to the traditionally bright blooms. Even on the darkest and deepest of Fall evenings, a batch of spirited mums reminds us that the sun will come out again.

Behold the Harvest Bounty Centerpiece, which takes that sunny sentiment up several notches. In an arrangement like this, mums can really help bridge the gap between late summer and Thanksgiving, keeping the color story on your table vivid and cheerful but still within Fall’s fold. Here mums have a starring role among a diverse cluster of blooms, all of which seem to have been gathered fresh from the garden.

As you start to gather round your dining room table for all of those special Fall occasions (or just want to feel cozy despite the Baton Rouge heat), add a centerpiece that keeps things feeling fresh and happy from Billy Heroman’s Flowers & Gifts.