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Billy Heromans Flowers & Gifts

Posted by Todd McBride on March 5, 2020 | Last Updated: February 18, 2021 Uncategorized

Five Flowers Favored by Top Women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Baton Rouge’s premier florist Billy Heroman’s is not only highlighting some of our favorite ladies from history and today but also divulging their favorite flower. Every flower is as beautiful and unique, and these amazing women love them.

Mokara Orchid

Angelina Jolie – Orchid

A talented actress and director, Angelina Jolie’s favorite flower is the orchid. An exotic and unique beauty, the orchid plant is admired and collected all over the world. Its petal shape is determined by the species of the orchid plant, but each bloom consists of only three delicate petals. A symbol of luxury, mysteriousness, and refinement, the exotic orchid the perfect choice for this equally exotic celebrity.


Lady Bird Johnson – Lavender Bluebell

An advocate for planting flowers and trees on the highways and in cities across the U.S., Lady Bird Johnson’s love of flowers had a huge impact while she was First Lady. Lady Bird’s favorite flower was the Lavender Bluebell, a vibrant, blue and lavender wildflower that brings to life any garden. The bluebell flower symbolizes undying, devotion, gratitude, and humility love – traits the inimitable Lady Bird Johnson also had.

White Peony

Jackie Kennedy Onassis – Blue Cornflower and White Peony

Famous fashion icon and First Lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis loved blue cornflowers and white peonies. She used both of her favorite flowers to update the White House gardens and make them brilliant again after years of neglect. The wonderfully vibrant blue cornflower will add pizazz to any garden and is quite striking, which is probably why it was one of Jackie O’s favorite flowers. Symbolizing prosperity, unity, devotion, and hope, the blue cornflower perfectly represents the goals of that era. Jackie’s other favorite flower, the white peony, symbolizes very good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.


Katy Perry – Hydrangeas (White and Purple)

The bountiful blooms of hydrangea flowers make them a favorite flower of many females. The meaning hydrangeas carry vary across different cultures from heartfelt emotion and apologies to arrogance and boastfulness. Color symbolism around the world, however, is mostly uniform, and hydrangeas come in a variety of colors. Katy Perry’s favorite hydrangea colors of purple and white symbolize grace and purity for white, royalty, pride, and understanding for purple. A cool fact about hydrangeas is that their color is actually derived from the amount of acidity in the dirt.

White Roses

Lady Gaga – White Roses

The flower Lady Gaga loves above all others is the white rose. She often adorns outfits of hers with white roses when she goes out on the town. Representing new beginnings and pure love, the white rose has long been a regular staple of wedding bouquets. Having an arrangement of white roses in your home is said to bring peaceful energy throughout. Also symbolizing renewal and rebirth, it is no surprise such an innovative artist prefers white roses.