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Posted by Todd McBride on March 24, 2021 Uncategorized


The season for spring cleaning is here! Whether you get nervous thinking about it or enjoy freshening up your home, we have the best cleaning hacks to make your process better than before. Of course, the flower experts here at Billy Heroman’s, the best florist in Baton Rouge, have to add “display the perfect spring plants and flowers” to our spring cleaning to-do list. By bringing in new life to each room in your home, you can ease stress, add a sweet fragrance, purify the air, and create a cheerful pop of color to your decor.

Refresh Your Kitchen

Cleaning the refrigerator’s shelves, countertops, inside the microwave, etc. is all good and well, but have you given much attention to your dishwasher or that knife block in the corner? While we often assume these items are clean, it’s important to make sure that they truly are. While empty, simply wash your dishwasher on a high-temperature cycle with a few cups of white vinegar. At the same time, you can soak the entire knife block for two minutes in warm water and bleach. Disinfecting has never been easier.

Refresh with Spring Flowers

How much thought have you given to “spring cleaning” your mood or the air around you? With a little help from Mother Nature and living plants, your kitchen can feel refreshed with a pop of spring flowers or bright green plants. These spring favorites have the ability to ease some seasonal stress, brighten your day, and help purify the kitchen air.

  • Peace Lily: The top indoor plant to purify the air
  • Carnations: An encouraging symbol of purity and luck
  • Tulips: An iconic and uplifting spring bloom
  • Eucalyptus: Refresh and remove negative energy

Reorganize Your Bathroom

Having a decluttered bathroom helps you start your day on a good note, makes you feel more relaxed, and brings a more welcoming feel to the room where you “go.” From the medicine cabinets and linen closet to skincare products and items that live on the counter, where do you begin? Our advice is to start in the linen closet, this way, as you decide which towels to get rid of, you can also repurpose some for cleaning rags. After you find the hidden sunscreen and aloe, and clean and rearrange your medicine cabinet, end with the countertops and visible items for the finishing touches.

Reorganize with Spring Flowers

Once your vanity or sink is clutter-free and organized, you can add another pop of color and bliss to your bathroom. A sweet-smelling flower arrangement is just what your bathroom needs this spring. Create an inviting and welcoming space for yourself and any guests who might need to “go.”

  • Daffodils: Brighten and lift the ambiance in your bathroom
  • Gerbera Daisies: Add joy to the everyday tasks of life
  • Sunflowers: A sunny and cheerful symbol of hope and peace
  • Hyacinths: Remind us of love, happiness, and beauty

Refine Your Bedroom

As the most important room in the home, your bedroom should mimic a relaxing sanctuary that brings you joy and happiness each day. If your bedroom could use a little refinement to help you get a better night’s sleep, try following a few guidelines from the ancient feng shui practice. This might include repositioning your bed away from the door, window, and vents to eliminate drafts. You also want to think about what is stored under your bed, and perhaps only leave linens to allow a balanced flow of energy. Finally, if you have a bookshelf in your room, think about their titles and themes. Keep the ones that might inspire pleasant and sweet dreams and move the others to another room.

Refine with Spring Flowers

Spruce up your space with elegant spring flowers to create a relaxing and restful environment. Fresh blooms will also naturally boost your mood and inspire perfect energy. As you choose the best flowers to display on your nightstand, dresser, or windowsill, keep in mind their beautiful colors to help refine your bedroom decor.

  • Sweet Peas: An uplifting fragrance to encourage bliss
  • Peonies: A symbol of prosperity and rebirth for the new season
  • Hydrangea: Inspire a harmonious and peaceful sleep
  • Orchids:  Refine your bedroom with love and beauty

To truly welcome the spring season, there is no better way than displaying your favorite spring flowers in your home. After a deep clean and green plant, you are sure to breathe a deep and refreshing sigh of relief as you say “goodbye” to winter. Elevate your space with uplifting flowers from Billy Heroman’s