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Thanksgiving Customs

Thanksgiving customsThanksgiving is the official kickoff of the holiday season. It is a time filled with traditions, customs, and special memories. And this year, over family dinners and across decorated tables, many more stories and Thanksgiving customs are sure to unfold. Whether you are hosting your family and friends at your house, or headed to a loved one’s home, the Thanksgiving arrangements, decor, and gifts at Billy Heroman’s Flowers will create a beautiful atmosphere and ambiance for the holiday.
The most popular Thanksgiving customs involve football and food!

* Every Thanksgiving Day since 1934, the Detroit Lions have played, a tradition which began as a publicity stunt to gain them more fans. The gamble paid off and they have not missed a Thanksgiving game in over 8 decades. In 1966, the Dallas Cowboys joined the tradition at the urging of their marketing executives. Since 2006, a third game has been played in the evening, but the rosters rotate.

* The Thanksgiving turkey dates back more than three hundred years when Alexander Hamilton declared that “no American should be without a turkey on Thanksgiving”. Turkeys were likely chosen as a holiday meal because their size would allow for many people to be fed, and they didn’t have another purpose (such as laying eggs or giving milk). It would be centuries later when right here in Cajun country, the deep fried turkey was introduced and our lives changed for the better.

Thanksgiving customs
Thanksgiving customs

We invite you to come to browse our inventory of Thanksgiving centerpieces, silk arrangements, and seasonal ceramics that will transform your home for the holiday. Choose from a wide assortment of turkeys, owls, pilgrims and pumpkins, harvest accents like wheat, gourds, and berries; shimmering candles and whimsical scarecrows – your table will come alive with the vivid themes, colors, and details of Thanksgiving.

Come see the designers at Billy Heroman’s Flowers at one of our three locations to discuss how we can provide spectacular decor for your holiday home and table – and maybe start a few new Thanksgiving customs this year!

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