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Posted by Todd McBride on January 9, 2020 | Last Updated: January 13, 2020 Uncategorized

Why You Should Order Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for flowers (especially roses), is on its way. Like all florists, at Billy Heroman’s in Baton Rouge, we will be at our busiest, preparing and delivering all the floral arrangements for the most romantic day of the year. To make sure your Valentine’s Day goes smoothly, we recommend ordering flowers early. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure you have the best Valentine’s Day possible!

24 red Roses in Designer Vase

24 Roses in Designer Vase

The Top Reasons to Order EarlyMake an Impression

You’ll be sure to impress your loved one and make her feel extra-special if she is the first person at the office to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Guarantee Your Delivery Time

Millions of bouquets are delivered every year on Valentine’s Day, which can make scheduling delivery on February 14th difficult. If you want to have flowers delivered to your significant other at a precise time, it’s best to order early. If we receive your order with at least two days’ notice, we can deliver it before noon.

Celebrate All Week

Valentine’s Day is on Friday in 2020. When you order early this year you can make your loved one feel special, like it’s Valentine’s week instead of just the day. Plus, floral arrangements are designed with just-budding flowers, which means your bouquet (delivered at the beginning of the week) should be in full bloom and at its most beautiful in time for Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses in Glass Cube with purple and green

Red Roses in Glass Cube

Beat the Rush

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day of the year for flowers, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that flowers and seasonal arrangements can sell out quickly. Ordering early will ensure you enjoy a stress-free holiday and get to order the design of your choice.

How Soon Should You Order Your Valentine’s Flowers

Our flower shop is fully stocked with romantic blooms and our florists are ready to start creating designs for Valentine’s Day. We recommend ordering as soon as you possibly can.

Choose a Local Florist for Confidence in Quality

If you’re having flowers delivered locally, then we always recommend using a local florist. With a local florist, you will always get what you see online and pay the advertised price. Your bouquet will be designed with high-quality flowers, and you won’t have to worry about unexpectedly getting hit with extra shipping, handling, or processing charges.

White Hydrangas, red roses and peonies

Hearts and Kisses Bouquet

More Tips for Ordering the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

To make sure your Valentine’s Day flower delivery is received without any delays or problems, be sure to provide all the delivery information with your order. For example, if your recipient works in an office, be sure to provide the specific floor or department for delivery, in addition to a phone number and the best hours for delivery.

We welcome you to browse our online store to view our special Valentine’s Day floral designs, to stop by our flower shop, or to call us to order over the phone to shop with personalized guidance. Our florists at Billy Heroman’s look forward to helping you create the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet!