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Fairytale Brownie Towers

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It is baked with Belgian dark chocolate and 100% all-natural ingredients.
Direct shipped countrywide.

Step into a world where every sweet tooth's fantasy comes to life with the Fairytale Brownie Tower from Billy Heroman's Florist. This tower isn’t just a stack of treats; it’s a stunning centerpiece, a conversation starter, and a journey through the richest, most decadent flavors.

The tower rises like a monument to indulgence, with layer upon layer of lusciously dense brownies and cookies. Each tier unveils a new chapter in this fairytale—gooey, chocolatey, studded with nuts, swirled with caramel, or adorned with a drizzle of white chocolate. And the cookies! Oh, they’re not just ordinary cookies. They are a crumbly, buttery delight with chunks of chocolate that melt in your mouth and dance with your taste buds. Wrapped in a regal purple box tied with a silky white ribbon, this gift epitomizes elegance and sweetness. It's perfect for saying thank you, congratulations, or just because. Imagine the joy and the smiles as each box is opened to reveal the treasures inside. A Fairytale Brownie Tower is an unforgettable experience, lovingly crafted to bring magic to any occasion.

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