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Fresh Maine Lobster Rolls

Includes 1LB cooked fresh Maine lobster meat, 6 authentic lobster roll buns, and 2oz of unsalted butter. (OVERNIGHT DELIVERY ONLY)

Indulge in the quintessential flavors of the Northeast with Billy Heroman's Fresh Maine Lobster Rolls. This coastal classic brings the taste of Maine straight to your doorstep with overnight delivery to ensure peak freshness. This exquisite package is carefully crafted for those who savor the finer things in life. Picture one pound of cooked fresh Maine lobster meat, its succulent pieces a testament to the pristine waters they were harvested from. With its tender chunks and delicate flavor, this luscious lobster is a love letter to seafood connoisseurs. It pairs perfectly with the included authentic lobster roll buns, which have just the right texture to complement the lobster—crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, ready to be lightly toasted and brushed with the pure, unsalted butter that comes with this set.

Whether you're looking to dazzle at a dinner party or to share a special meal with a loved one, these Fresh Maine Lobster Rolls from Billy Heroman's are not just food; they are an event, an edible luxury that promises to leave a memorable impression with each bite.

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