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Maine Seafood Bake

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Dinner for Two

Includes: Two 5-6oz Maine Lobster Tails, 8 Shrimp, 15 Mussels, 4 Sea Scallops, 2 Half-Ears Sweet Corn, 10 Baby Potatoes, Garlic Butter Sauce. (Seafood bake is fresh-frozen)

Feast your senses on a seaside escape with the Maine Seafood Bake: Dinner for Two. Imagine the crisp, salty air of the Maine coast as you unpack this treasure trove of oceanic delights. Each parcel promises a shared experience that transports you to the rugged, charming coastline where the Atlantic's bounty is revered.  The stars of this feast are two generously sized Maine lobster tails boasting succulent meat that's the perfect canvas for the rich garlic butter sauce—accompanied by a medley of fresh-frozen seafood: tender shrimp and plump mussels that whisper tales of deep waters and mysterious sea voyages alongside sumptuous sea scallops that will melt in your mouth like buttery pearls of the ocean.

This ensemble is rounded off with the earthy goodness of baby potatoes and the sweet crunch of half-ears of corn, adding a hearty balance to the delicate seafood. The Maine Seafood Bake is a symphony of flavors that brings the quintessence of New England's cherished seafood traditions to your table, no matter where you are.

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