Orchids! The Wonderful Blooming Plant!

orchidsThe orchid possesses an undeniably alluring beauty. Some estimates date the ancient origins of orchids well past 100 million years ago, making them among the oldest and biggest family of flowering plants in the world. In nature, there are over 30,000 species of orchids around the world, and well over 100,000 hybrids. With a wide range of colors, there’s an orchid for every taste and style.

In their natural setting, orchids actually don’t grow and thrive in soil like most plants; instead, orchids attach their roots to trees and rocks, getting nutrition from the natural moisture of the rainforest.

Receiving a gift orchid is a real treat. However, if you’ve never cared for an orchid before, you might not know how to proceed. Despite tens of thousands of varieties, gift orchids are most often one of two varieties: dendrobium and phalaenopsis.

Dendrobium. Dendrobium orchids have small flowers that bloom in rows. Stalks of this orchid emerge out of “canes” and have clusters of purple or white flowers. Its leaves are slender and grow from the sides of its canes.

Phalaenopsis. Phalaenopsis has larger, rounded flower petals with a more pronounced “lip.” Flowers are white, purple, pink, or a combination of these. Phalaenopsis flowers bloom from a single stalk rising from of a lush, green leaf bed.

Water Orchids Sparingly

Orchids in nature benefit from the ample aeration their roots receive when they attach to trees or rocks. However, most gift orchids are potted in moss in a plastic container, exposing them to risk of becoming over-watered. To manage these conditions, water your orchid very sparingly; in general, water it only when the potting medium feels dry. When in doubt, wait to water it for a day or two. Also, keep the stems, blooms and leaves of the plant dry when watering.

Avoid Temperature Extremes

Orchids don’t do well with extremes of any kind, so don’t place it where it could be subjected to direct sunlight, cold drafts, or very dry air. Orchids thrive in warm, mild, slightly humid conditions. They enjoy “filtered” light such as through window blinds or gauzy curtains.

Keep your gift orchid happy by using these tips, and its initial blooms will last for several weeks. Bonus tip: When the last bloom of your gift orchid falls away, you can cut it halfway down its stem and try for a “re-bloom” of the plant. Care for it as usual, water sparingly, keep it out of harsh conditions, and you just might receive the added bonus of another round of orchid blooms.

The Flowers to Buy For a Flawless Grandparent’s Day

Grandparent’s Day is that special time of year when people come together to celebrate the love that they feel for these special members of their families. Grandparents come with nearly every personality and preference under the sun, but in their own way, they offer their families wisdom, guidance, love, and support. Children might love to sit upon their grandparent’s lap and hear fun stories of their adventures during their own childhood. New parents might turn to them for advice and guidance or even some babysitting so they can have a date night.

No matter what role the grandparents play, however, taking the time to select the perfect bouquet of flowers can be a wonderful way to show how much they mean to everyone in the family. Here are some ideas for selecting the perfect flowers.

Plan a mixed arrangement

Mixed arrangements are a great way to bring together a number of different types of blooms so that they can easily complement each other and bring out the best of one another. Consider combining colors that are known to send delightful messages to the beloved grandparents. Reds and pints are wonderful to showing love, while psychology says that blues and purples are often used to signify integrity, sincerity, and wisdom. Combine these various color schemes into a bouquet that tells the grandparents exactly how well they are regarded.

Give bouquets of similar flowers

Those who prefer to go the classic route by giving a bouquet of some gorgeous flowers also have several different choices. Two flowers that would work especially well for this occasion would be roses and sunflowers.


Roses are known for carrying many meanings, from love to friendship to admiration. Roses are also an immensely popular flower and a favorite of many people. Buying a bouquet of roses can be an excellent way to express feelings of love and appreciation for a grandparent.


Sunflowers are traditionally used to show adoration and appreciation and they are a wonderful flower for bringing some light and life indoors. They are often see as the perfect flower for the late summer and early fall seasons because they perfectly capture the color and feelings of this time of year. A bouquet of sunflowers can be a wonderful way to light up a grandparent’s face this Grandparent’s day.

Grandparent’s Day is a wonderful occasion for celebrating all the wonderful things that grandparents can do for families. From offering wisdom and guidance to being wonderful hosts for the holidays, showing them how much they matter is always important. Consider some of the above ideas to get started finding the perfect flowers for this holiday.

Why a Floral Arrangement is the Perfect Gift for an Office Worker

With their colorful hues and sweet scents, flowers can brighten any office environment. They can transform an ordinary office setting into a more pleasant working environment. Flowers have a way of bringing fresh inspiration and encouragement to those who receive them, which can often result in better work performance and productivity. If you’re looking for that perfect gift for your office co-worker, consider a delightful floral arrangement to show your appreciation or  commemorate a special occasion.

Floral Bouquets Say It All

Fewer gifts convey a person’s true sentiments better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers. You can find floral arrangements to celebrate any occasion from birthdays to holidays, anniversaries to retirement and anything in between. Nothing says “thank you for a job well done” or “congratulations for the promotion” more effectively than an attractive floral arrangement of your co-worker’s favorite blooms. Whether you’re remembering a colleague’s birthday or conveying appreciation for faithful service, a personalized floral bouquet says it all.

Universal Gift with a Personal Touch

Flowers may be a universal gift but they carry a personal touch. With so many beautiful flowers and plants to choose from, you can create a customized floral arrangement that’s sure to make your co-worker smile. Everyone deserves recognition and appreciation in a unique and special way. Flowers convey this message loud and clear, letting your workers know they are an important part of your business.

Flowers Bring Happiness and Cheer 

Many office workers today work long hours in a fast-paced, hectic environment. The stress and pressure of their job can take a toll after a while, leaving them feeling weary and uninspired. A gift of flowers can infuse joy and inspiration into their lives at a time they need it most. Knowing you are bringing happiness and cheer to a friend, co-worker or loved one is sufficient reason to choose a floral arrangement as a gift for the office worker on your list.

Floral bouquets make a lasting impression on those who receive them, creating happy memories for the future. Few office workers will ever forget receiving a surprise floral arrangement as a gift when they least expected it. By gifting a floral bouquet, you can do your part to create treasured memories for those who deserve them most.

3 Tips for Father’s Day, On June 15th

Father’s Day is a time to honor the dads and other father figures who have made a difference in our lives. They have been there … through thick and thin. Win or lose, they cheered us on in all the races that we have run throughout our lives. They have been there to pick us up and provide a helping hand during those times when life tripped us up. And many other times, they have just been there … ready and waiting to do whatever is in their power to make our lives better.

With Father’s Day just around the corner – do you have a plan? A little preparation is all it takes to give dad the Father’s Day he deserves. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a Father’s Day that dad will long remember.

3 Tips for Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day special. From the time that he gets up until the moment his head hits the pillow, the choices that you make now can determine just how remarkable his special day will be.

1. Set Aside Time Just for Him

Take time this Father’s day to let your dad know just how special he is to you and how much you value him. Set aside some time devoted just for him. Take a stroll around the block with your father … and take a trip down memory lane at the same time. Talk about those times you have shared together, and let dad know how he made them special. Share with your father the impact he has had on your life, and how much you appreciate all that he has done. Or go through a family photo album and relive the moments together. If you are unable to be with your father in person, spend quality time with him on the phone.

2. Plan a Meal Fit for a King

Sharing a meal with family and friends is one of the ways to make holidays and other occasions special. Make this Father’s Day especially delectable by serving some of your father’s favorites. Whatever your father’s favorite is, find a way to serve it up in style on his special day.

3. Don’t forget the Father’s Day Gift

Lastly, don’t forget to give your father a gift that says, “I care.” Want a gift to tickle his taste buds? The Bountiful Gourmet Gift Basket is just one of the many gifts that are available from which to choose. It contains a generous assortment of gourmet treats such as nuts, fine chocolate, savory snacks, gourmet cookies, crackers, and jam.

Whether you decide to send flowers, a gourmet gift basket, or a lobster dinnerBilly Heroman’s Flowers and Gifts has the perfect gift for your special dad this Father’s Day.

Three Lily Traditions You Should Know

With the many varieties of lilies to choose from, how do you pick the most meaningful gift for your loved ones? As one of the most popular flowers of all time, lilies have come to symbolize many different things. Take a moment to learn about some of the traditions surrounding lilies so that you can choose a beautifully symbolic gift.

Calla Lilies: The Flower of Change, Rebirth and New Beginnings

Callas are one of the most iconic flowers in the world. Their name comes from the Greek word for “beauty,” and they have commonly been associated with the Virgin Mary, holiness, faith and purity. Calla lilies are also the most common wedding flowers because they symbolize devotion and marital happiness. On your sixth wedding anniversary, calla lilies are the traditional gift for your spouse. Because callas have been associated with purity, or purification, they are commonly used at funerals as well. With the many uses for calla lilies, they are the traditional gift to give during major life events.

Yellow Lilies: The Flower of Budding Love

Yellow lilies have a history that spans millennia. As the centuries have passed, their meaning has changed. Originally, they were the symbol of falsehood. As the story goes, the Virgin Mary picked a yellow lily. As soon as she touched it, it turned white because yellow was not the flower’s true color. During Victorian times, the cheerful appearance of the yellow lily came to symbolize gaiety. It was often said that when you looked at the huge, bright blooms, that you would feel as if you were “walking on air.” Since those days, the traditions behind the yellow lily have evolved a step further. Today, these flowers represent flirtation and puppy love. If you are in a new relationship, a bouquet of yellow lilies is the perfect gift to turn that puppy love into lasting affection.

Stargazer Lilies: The Flower of Dreams

Unlike most other lily varieties, Stargazer lilies don’t have many centuries of history. Despite this, they are still one of the most meaningful flowers. First bred by Leslie Woodruff in 1978, the stargazer was named for the bold pink and white blooms that point towards the sky. The name “stargazer” implies unlimited potential, optimism and prosperity. Because of Woodruff’s success in creating these lilies, stargazer lilies are traditionally used to represent passion, determination and the fulfillment of dreams. Stargazer lilies are the best gift to celebrate graduations, promotions and other successes.

The Earth Day Tradition, A Quick Reference Guide

Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd. Events dedicated to supporting the environment are celebrated worldwide, and over 192 countries participate in the Earth Day Network. Celebrations range from simple tree plantings to large pro-environment rallies.


The first Earth Day was launched by Senator Gaylord Nelson after an oil spill in California. Nelson worked with Congressman Pete McCloskey to promote the event. Realizing the success of the anti-war movement on college campuses, they selected April 22nd as a date when many students would be on spring break and be able to participate without worrying about missing classes or exams.

April 22nd also happens to be the birthday of Soviet Union founder Vladimir Lenin. Despite popular rumors to the contrary, this was merely by coincidence. Despite this, many people still believed Earth Day had a communist connection and the FBI closely monitored its early events.

The idea of Earth Day quickly caught on, and in 1970, 20 million Americans participated in events across the nation. By 1990, the event had grown to an international level and over 200 million people in 141 countries participated. Today, nearly every country observes Earth Day in some way.


The goal of Earth Day is to raise awareness of Environmental issues. Many demonstrations are political in nature and have the goal of influencing national and international governing bodies to pass laws that protect the environment. In addition, the event seeks to raise awareness at the individual level about what steps people can take on their own to help the environment.

How to Observe

Earth Day rallies and demonstrations are held in most cities throughout the world. If you don’t have the time or desire to attend, many people also mark the day by planting trees or other plants. This small step can help encourage friends and neighbors to improve their own landscapes and think of other ways to make their neighborhood a better place.

Giving gifts of flowers or other plants is a good way to encourage friends and family to participate. Evergreens, perennials, and other long-lasting plants are most desirable because they can be a long-lasting piece in a garden and are more sustainable than constantly replanting.

A Post National Poinsettia Day Celebration


When we realized we were a day late for National Poinsettia Day, we decided what better way to commemorate this beautiful plant than to share its story!

The Poinsettia, a native to Central America, flourished in Southern Mexico where the Aztecs used the plant for decorative and practical purposes. They extracted the dye from the plant’s bracts and used it in textiles and cosmetics. They also made the milky white sap, known as latex, into a preparation to treat fevers.

It was not until the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett (1779-1851), that the Poinsettia came to America. As a lover of botany, Poinsett was immediately drawn to the brilliant red plant and sent some home to South Carolina where he propagated them in 1828. He sent them to friends who also began to grow them, and so on and so on. Among Poinsett’s friends who received these plants was Robert Buist who is believed to be the first person to have sold the plant under its botanical name, Euphorbia pulcherrima. It is also believed that the plant acquired the name Poinsettia (to recognize the man who brought it to the United States) in 1836.

Poinsett was honored by Congress as they declared December 12th to be National Poinsettia Day to commemorate his death in 1851. This day was meant not only to honor Poinsett, but to encourage people to enjoy the beauty of this popular holiday plant.

In Mexican culture, the Poinsettia has a very powerful meaning. As legend goes, a poor little girl had no gift to offer to Jesus on Christmas Eve. She was comforted by an angel who told her that any gift, given with love, is enough for Jesus. So she gathered weeds from the roadside and placed them at the altar. Then, before her eyes, the weeds burst into the crimson blossoms of a Poinsettia. It was a Christmas Miracle!

So here’s to the Poinsettia– bringing the Christmas spirit to all who see them!