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Fun Ways to Celebrate America this Independence Day

On the Fourth of July, we wave the American flag to commemorate our nation’s Independence and freedom that was achieved in 1776. In addition to traditional backyard cookouts with neighbors and loved ones, celebrating Independence Day is done in a myriad of ways that allow us to show our patriotism. Here at Billy Heroman’s, Baton Rouge’s top florist, we are talking about some of our favorite ways to celebrate America and honor those who have made our country one of the best.

7 Ways to Show Your Patriotism


Celebrating Independence Day is often done in the same way you celebrate any important holiday or birthday. After all, Independence Day is also known as the Fourth of July or America’s birthday. Host a party, invite family, friends, and neighbors, and decorate with red, white, and blue flowers. Gathering loved ones and honoring the day together is a wonderful way to reflect on our freedom as Americans. 

Attend a Patriotic Parade

Roll out your blankets and set up your lawn chairs in preparation for an old-fashioned Fourth of July parade. With decorative floats, cars, and bicycles adorned in red, white, and blue streamers and singers and marching bands playing favorite patriotic tunes, these parades are a lively celebration and honor our great, brave veterans and soldiers.

Support a Veteran

Supporting a veteran might mean donating time, money, or services to your local VA. It could also mean listening to your relatives share stories about their time serving our great country. Perhaps supporting a veteran means sending them a handwritten “thank you” note or a fresh bouquet of red, white, and blue blooms. Whatever this looks like to you, be sure to show your gratitude to these courageous men and women this Fourth of July.

Fly the Stars and Stripes

One of the most symbolic ways to honor America’s birthday is by flying the American flag. The white stars illuminating from the blue background symbolize our 50 states and the red and white stripes represent our 13 original colonies are merely the start of the amazing significance our nation’s colors hold.

Visit a National Park or Historic Landmark

This Independence Day, immerse yourself in the history and beauty of our great nation by taking a tip to visit monuments, landmarks, and national parks. Travel with family or friends for a fun road trip or exciting adventure that will be full of stories that helped shape America. In addition, you will be supporting these breathtaking destinations that oftentimes receive little funding.

Shop Local & Buy American

A phenomenal way to support your community and fellow Americans is by purchasing Four of July party supplies, food, decor, and flowers from small, local businesses. Shopping within your community and buying “made in America” items also have an extremely positive impact on the entire country’s economy.

Display Patriotic Blooms

Red, white, and blue flowers are a staple for celebrating America’s birthday. Whether hung in pots on the porch, planted in flower beds, or placed inside the house, they are the perfect way to honor a special day. Share lovely patriotic bouquets with loved ones, bring them to a cookout for the host, place them on a soldier’s grave in remembrance, or send them to a veteran in gratitude for their service. Aside from the classic trio of colors, you can also admire these symbolic flowers for the Fourth of July:

  • Rose – America’s national flower
  • Freesias – these flowy and beautiful blooms symbolize freedom
  • Edelweiss – charming white flowers shaped like stars that signify strength and courage
  • Guernsey Lilies – unique flowers that resemble fireworks and represent freedom and good fortune
  • Black-Eyed Susans – these bright yellow star-burst-like blooms with a striking dark round center symbolize justice.

Honoring our country doesn’t have to be specific to Independence Day or other patriotic holidays. Show that you are proud of our nation all year round by supporting, remembering, and celebrating those who have given us freedom. For red, white, and blue flowers or symbolic blooms for any special occasion, Billy Heroman’s is here with unique and fresh arrangements.

Download Our Patriotic Wallpaper

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7 ways to celebrate July 4th