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Posted by Todd McBride on December 14, 2020 | Last Updated: December 27, 2022 Uncategorized

Our Favorite Good Luck Plants

After getting through 2020, how about we pad our chances of having a much better year in 2021 by bringing some good luck plants into the home. Here at Billy Heroman’s Flowers, the #1 florist in Baton Rouge, we’ve listed our favorite plants that are not only easy to care for, but also attract good luck, wealth, love, prosperity, and good fortune to your home.

Plants that Bring Good Luck

Lucky Bamboo in ceramic pot

Lucky Bamboo

A Lucky Bamboo plant is a symbol of good fortune and luck in many cultures. Enhance your luck in certain areas of your life by choosing a bamboo plant with a specific number of stalks. For example, three stalks symbolize long life, happiness, and wealth while eight stalks bring luck in the areas of abundance and fertility.

small money tree in yellow pot

Money Tree

The Money Tree is considered good luck attracting wealth and money into your space. It is a lovely plant to add to your home or your office. Comprised of several trees, the trunks are braided together when the plants are younger and pliable. Doing this “traps” good luck withing the folds of the braids. The five leaves are believed to represent the Feng Shui principles of earth, water, fire, wind, and metals promoting harmony and peace.

green jade plant in terraotta pot

Jade Plant

The round, thick leaves of the Jade plant attract wealth and money according to Feng Shui. An easy to care for plant that can last for many years, this beauty can take of your family for generations.

snake plant in square white pot with white stones

Snake Plant

One of the best air purifying plants you can have in your home. the Snake Plant is also known for cutting through obstacles, eliminating negative energy, and promoting positive and lucky vibes to flower through your home.

money plant in orange pot on counter

Money Plant

Also known as a Coin Plant, the Chinese Money plant is an ornate and decorative plant with rounded, flat leaves. Round leaves attract money and wealth which is why it’s good to have this good luck greenery in your home.

Flowers that Bring Good Luck

All flowers have energizing and mood-boosting qualities we can all benefit from. The ones listed below have the added attraction of being quite lucky as well.

Blue and Lavender Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are admired for their numerous, full blooms in a wide range of delicate and beautiful colors. These fortuitous blooms represent spiritual enlightenment, happiness, and gratitude. Purple hydrangeas are particularly lucky as they represent prosperity, abundance, and wealth.

dark pink peonies up close


Fluffy, full, and delicate, the Peony is known as a symbol of innocence, love, and happiness. Red peonies represent abundance, wealth, and good luck.

dark pink mums in garden


Admired in many cultures for their gorgeous blooms and variety of colors, Chrysanthemums symbolize a lot of different things base on their color. Overall, however, they represent good luck, prosperity, happiness, and longevity.

yellow and orange marigolds


Bright balls of yellow and gold, these blooms are a floral representation of the pot at the end of the rainbow and therefore symbolize wealth and riches. They are also associated with Mother Mary and are loved for their protection as they are believed to ward off evil spirits.

purple and white Phalaenopsis Orchid


The lovely and exotic Orchid plant is considered a luck plant and attracts love, deepens friendships, and soothes the soul. In Ancient times, orchids were associated with fertility and abundance making them the perfect gift for new parents or newlyweds.

dark pink blooming azleas


Attract happiness, harmony, peace, and good luck into your home with some Azaleas placed just outside or inside the entrance to your home.

Enhance your chances of this new year being one of your best, or, at the very least, better than last year, by having one or more of these lucky plants in your home. Check out our selection of beautiful florals and plants and let the positive vibes begin to flow!