Hand Held/Tussie's

Hand held bouquets for the dance

Favorites in Hand Held and Tussie Designs

Handheld floral arrangements, or Tussie-Mussies, from Billy Heroman's Florist in Baton Rouge, LA, are the quintessential accessory for any dance or special occasion. Steeped in tradition and romantic charm, these petite bouquets are a nod to a bygone era, allowing one to carry a piece of fragrant beauty throughout the event.

Each Tussie-Mussie is a delicate composition of chosen blooms, carefully bound in a small, easy-to-hold bouquet that complements the attire and adds a touch of elegance. Billy Heroman’s Florist creates these arrangements with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every petal, every ribbon, and every green sprig works harmoniously to enhance the overall look. In Baton Rouge, where the dance is as much a social staple as a celebration, presenting a Tussie-Mussie from Billy Heroman's is a stylish statement. It’s a way to honor the time-honored tradition of personal flowers, a conversation starter, and a cherished keepsake that will hold the memories of the evening long after the last song has played.

Whether for a prom, a homecoming dance, or a sophisticated ball, these handheld bouquets blend fragrance and beauty, offering a personal touch that is classic and chic. They are not just flowers; they are a part of the dance's tapestry, adding color, aroma, and a bit of floral magic to the night’s festivities.

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